Environmental Change

Research Network

@ Berkeley

The Environmental Change Research Network at Berkeley is UC Berkeley’s hub for interdisciplinary research to address our changing climate.



UC Berkeley is the home to pioneering research centers and institutes that are working to address global environmental challenges across multiple disciplines. The ECRN at Berkeley was formed in 2019 to leverage these world-class resources and optimize the potential of Berkeley’s centers to have a substantial impact on climate action in California and across the globe. The Network facilitates collaboration among its centers, research partners, and stakeholders worldwide, and provides opportunities for students to find mentors and research opportunities.


The Network is coordinated by Bruce Riordan.

For more information, please contact Mr. Riordan.


Why Berkeley. Why Now.

Why Berkeley? Berkeley’s Environmental Change, Sustainability, and Justice Initiative says it best: Global environmental change is the defining challenge of our age. The pace of this change is accelerating faster than our efforts to address it, and we are already seeing the impacts on communities in California and around the world.

There has never been a greater urgency than now. And, because the impacts of hotter temperatures, wildfire, drought, sea level rise, and air pollution fall disproportionately on traditionally disadvantaged communities, these environmental challenges have important implications for social justice.

Berkeley has established itself as an intellectual and academic leader in solution-oriented research and education to address this global challenge.
Our research centers and institutes integrate disciplines from across the Berkeley campus, creating high-value collaborations between Climate and Ecosystem Sciences, Engineering, the Social Sciences, Professional Schools, and the Arts and Humanities.


Our teaching and student research projects are training the climate change leaders of the 21st Century. Our deep engagement with public and private sector decision-makers ensures that our work leads to science-based innovations in policy and programs that protect human health, critical infrastructure and precious natural systems. We look forward to working with you to meet our global challenge.